UPDATE: Link fixed.
This new article really takes the cake for nonsense. Thankfully, Fonzi has fisked it. Two comments.
Then, the Surayud government came to power following the coup. Its position was to insist that Thailand and Cambodia jointly apply for the listing of Preah Vihear as a World Heritage site.
BP: Why repeat this when it is not true? Last year, the Surayud government said it would support a sole application by Cambodia. Its original position might have been to insist on a joint application, but when push came to shove it agreed on Cambodia’s sole application.
Second, Thailand is now relying on the US map so the whole espionage thing seems like a red herring – the evil foreigners again. Was there anything secret or special about the Cambodian evidence? Perhaps, someone call look in the US archives as enough time would have passed to find out what the US government was doing.