Friday, June 24, 2011

Khmer Front Line Soldiers

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Here are some pictures that I hope would accentuate your knowledge about our military. These are the images of our brave soldiers in full combat gear. Pictures and images are rare as our military are strictly limiting the access of medias due to security reasons. Even with that being the case, I do believe that what we are seeing are not all the arsenals that our troop have. Hun Sen wouldn't challenge and ultimately issue an ultimatum to the Thais if he didn't have all his ducks in a row. God bless Cambodia, our soldiers and our people.
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The Great Khmer Empire
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Cambodian soldiers carry their weapons as they march near 11th-century Preah Vihear temple at border between Thailand and Cambodia
Cambodian soldiers carry their weapons near Preah Vihear temple along the border with Thailand February 6, 2011

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