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90210 Hottie Annalynne McCord Dances For Cambodia! (PHOTOS)

The lovely Annalynne McCord, who has appeared on hit television shows like "Nip/Tuck" and "90210," stopped by the GlobalGrind office for an exclusive interview and photo shoot.
Annalynne discussed her transition to the big screen, dancing in Cambodia and why she decided to leave the Hollywood scene to fight human trafficking. Check out the interview below:
GlobalGrind: So you’re ready to make a transition from TV to film, are you excited about that, do you have any offers?
Annalynne McCord: I do, I’ve worked on several projects, what I love is action. I love kicking ass, it’s my little fun thing to aspire to do, once the film side takes off a little more. But I’ve been able to work in that genre a few times which has been really great, and I have a project, I just finished in Connecticut actually, while I’m here in New York doing a play.
They were able to work out this role that I wanted to do in this project with Stephen Dorff, Stephen Lang, James Woods and Dominic Purcell like a really cool, gritty, dirty cast. These guys are serious, they got the thug kind of feel. It’s like a really gritty kind of dark film and, just kind of playing more to the opposite of the genre that I’ve been seen in, and having the chance to do things that challenge me. I like the aspect of throwing in a physical challenge along with the actual work, so having to be in shape. I do Taekwondo and getting to kick some butt, shoot some guns, blow some stuff up. That’s kind of what I want to do (Laughs).
Coming from modeling, do you feel like people get this immediate opinion about you, when you say you’re an actress?
I don’t actually often say it just because of that, when I first moved to L.A. it was funny, I would tell people I was a garbage truck driver (laughs). It’s just because the stigma around it is so ... it's unfortunate that it’s like that because I really do care about my career, my craft and what I do. This is something that I wanted to do since I was 9 years old. So I have been an actress this entire time, it’s just whether I was able to pay the bills, with my acting, which was always the question!
I’m very quick to say that I’m an activist first and an actress second. I care a lot about human rights issues and I advocate nonstop to end sex trafficking.
This is the generation that really needs to take it to the next level as far as advocacy is concerned and I think that people are getting bored with the stereotypical tabloid covers of who is more coked out then the next person or whatever the issue is.
I think that at this point we’ve seen it all, we’ve heard it all. We’re getting bored, like c’mon! Let’s do something, I want to start a trend, that giving back is hot, sexy and cool! Let’s do it.
Obviously most of my fans are teenagers, young adults and that demographic, their attention span is so short. You have them, you captivate them for one second and one second only and if you don’t utilize that moment that you have, it goes and it’s gone. It’s really important to me that they see. That what’s important to me.
I love what I do. I love that I have the opportunities to travel and make money and have notoriety and all these things that come with it. But what I truly am passionate about, what I really care about, are my girls who make these necklaces. They have little necklaces that the girls, in Cambodia and the survivors of sex trafficking with the Somaly Mam Foundation hand weaved silk and they make these necklaces as a form of therapy, as well as sustainability, when they are inevitably reintegrated into society having a job of their own.
This is something that is my driving force now! I wanted to be an actress since the time I was 9, I was able to pursue that dream. My dreams came true, people told me it was a pipe dream and it wasn’t going happen and it did. I’m very blessed to be one of the few, but when I started to reach the place where I was comfortable, I was not comfortable. I actually wanted to move back to New York, I used to live here. I didn’t like the world I was thrown into. I didn’t like the people, I didn’t like the mentalities and I didn’t like the egos! I didn’t like the me me me me, mentality and it wasn’t until I got heavily involved with the fight of human trafficking, with advocacy for human rights issues overall, that I really started to feel at peace.
To your younger fans, how would you describe the reward of giving back and doing something positive?
Well I’ll say what I always say, it’s the most selfish part about my life. It’s the most selfish thing that I do. When I am in Cambodia and there’s no make-up, no hair. I’m barefoot dancing in the dirt with my girls and I think I’m there to help them, but what ends up happening is that they’re hugging me and loving me and kissing me and telling me that they love me. I know each of their stories personally. I know that they have been raped and violated day in and day out. The girl whose picture is on my phone, I look at her every single day. She’s 4 years old, we rescued her in August of last year. Knowing these little girls and what they’ve endured and they’re smiling and they’re laughing and they’re giving you more joy than you’ve ever experienced in your entire life. It’s the most indescribable feeling of happiness and beauty and peace, that you’ll ever feel.
Do your girls give you any dance moves when you’re dancing with them?
They’re really good! They've got some serious rhythm, but they have a traditional Cami dance that’s so beautiful and it's very slow and very small subtle moves of the hands. It’s actually very tedious because I tried it out, and I was like, that looks easy, you’re just moving their hands around, but these little girls, they spend hours and hours a day. These are very particular moves that they do and it’s not easy to do, the way they’ll balance! It’s a lot of balance and mama’s got two left feet over here! (Laughs

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