Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Khmer War Elephants

by Mitch on October 25, 20100 Comments
Like many Asian armies, the Khmer and Champa warriors used elephants to head their battle force. Unlike many others, who placed the crew in a tower, only a single warrior was mounted upon a platform on the elephant's back. From here, he would spear and shoot at his enemies. Elephant caparisons would probably have been of floral design, and the general would have been accompanied by a parasol holder to keep him in the shade whilst he considered his next move!
Khmerian war elephant in action. The crew consists of two men - or maybe the driver was deemed too insignificant to be depicted. It is hard to tell which of the two riders is of higher rank: the one with a javelin and shield on the elephant's neck or the archer in the howdah. In Southeast Asia noble warriors traditionally fought sitting in front, and his rich armour ...

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