Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tensions Resurface at Phu Makhua over Thai-Cambodia Border Dispute

Thai-ASEAN News Network
UPDATE : 18 January 2012

Tourists and vendors were warned to evacuate from the Mor E-Daeng cliff after Thai and Cambodian troops faced off in the Phu Makhua mountain on January16.

Although the situation has eased, the atmosphere at the disputed 4.6 square kilometer area around Preah Vihear Temple remains quiet. 

Thai and Cambodian troops faced off in Phu Makhua mountain on January16. 

Cambodia alleged that Thailand has encroached some areas of the mountain and that Thailand has built a Buddha statue at the western area of Preah Vihear Temple in Palanyao area. 

However, military representatives from both countries have negotiated and resolved the matter. 

Meanwhile, the atmosphere at the Preah Vihear National Park in Si Sa Ket's Kantharalak District is quiet, as there were only few villagers passing the entrance to do their farming.

Villagers said they have no fear to enter the areas nearby Preah Vihear Temple since it is not close to Thai-Cambodian border, where Thai and Cambodian troops are settled. 

At the area of Mor-E Daeng cliff, all shops are closed but army personnel still remain to strictly secure the area. 

Reports indicate that the cause of the dispute was that the Thais refused to comply with the Cambodians' request to remove the Buddha statue in the Palanyao area.

The Thais said the Buddha statue was built to boost morale for the soldiers who are monitoring the disputed 4.6 square kilometre area around Preah Vihear Temple. 

This caused great dissatissfaction to the Cambodians, who claimed that the area where the Buddha statue was built belonged to them.

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