Friday, January 20, 2012

EU investment in Cambodia remains small

Phnom Penh (Rasmei Kampuchea Daily/ANN) - EU investment in Cambodia remain small since 2005 even though it is the second largest market for Cambodia export.

"Overall, EU investments have represented a very small share of total foreign investments (around 5-7 percent)," Ambassador Jean-Fran?ois Cautain, Head of the EU Delegation to Cambodia told the Cambodia Herald.
The ambassador added that as regards with the EU investments into Cambodia, from 2005 until the second semester of 2010, the Council for the Development of Cambodia approved US$472 million worth of investment projects from EU Member States . In the first semester of 2010, 7.4 percent of all CDC-approved investment projects originated from EU Member States (0.5 percent from US; 50.6 percent from China).
Most recent export figures for Cambodia (2011) show that the value of exports (FOB) leaving Cambodia to the EU registered at slightly more than 1.3 billion USD, making EU the second largest market for Cambodia's export.
The United States was the largest market for Cambodia's export as the Cambodian products, mainly garment and footwear, of over $2 billion entered the US market last year.

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