Monday, February 27, 2012

Hun Sen or Sar Kheng?

In my opinion, choosing between the 2 individuals is like choosing the lesser evil. You have to play the cards you are dealt with.

I would choose Sar Kheng over Hun Sen in terms of putting the people's interest first over his personal interests. True, we don't know much about the political life of Sar Kheng, however, the last good deed he did was finding justice for the garment workers who had been shot. He sought and arrested the perpetrators. He cited (pharaprasing) that we're a nation of civilized society unlike that of the Khmer Rouge regime.

I do believe he is more moderate than Hun Sen.

Hun Sen has done many good things to improve the infrastructure of Cambodia. But, as a leader of a nation, you're supposed to do that anyway. He built many schools and roads. He attracted many foreign investors to the country. Relatively speaking, he had provided a stable political climate in the country.

On the contrary, many will argue that Hun Sen lacks the necessary leadership skills to lead Cambodia. He only holds on to power because of his military control and of his dictatorial style of oppression. But one must not forget that he won every elections since 1997, fair or not is debatable. He is arguably the longest reigning leader in Khmer history.

In conclusion, I would choose Sar Kheng over Hun Sen for the pure fact of change. "Change" is good. We need a fresh politics. We need a fresh face. We need new visions. I've yet to see any long term visions provided by any of our leaders. If Sar Kheng becomes the next prime minister, I believe there will be more opportunity for the opposition parties to expand.

I want to point out that I neither a CPP supporter nor the supporter of the opposition parties. I support the party who offers unity, growth, and respect for personal freedom.

When I pointed out the lists of accomplishments of Hun Sen, I only listed as facts, not my opinions. Also, before I listed those accomplishments, I did state that all those things are done by any leader of a country because it's their job to do so. There was nothing outstanding at all about Hun Sen’s resume. The moderator stated that I have to give the "Pros" and "Cons." He also stated that I have to choose between the 2 men, Hun Sen or Sar Kheng. If there is a third choice or the 4th, there is no doubt I would choose the latter.

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