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Cambodia is becoming more and more Vietnamized

Cambodia is becoming more and more Vietnamized

In 2007, almost every week, the number of “friendship” visits between Hanoi and Phnom Penh by communist Vietnamese leaders has multiplied, along with the signing of “cooperation” agreements in all fields, such as political, judicial, parliamentarian, military, administrative, economic, technology, cultural religious, etc… with their Cambodian counterparts. For the Cambodian leaders, these are obviously a systematic cooperation-alignment of their parties, of the national institutions at all levels, and of all the activities in Cambodia with those in Vietnam. That is how a communist Vietnam came to teach to a liberal Cambodia, for example, on how to create laws, how to organize internal elections, how to manage its economy, how to broadcast information, how to develop its literature, how to supervise the youth, and how to rule religious practice of Cambodians. Any opposition to this domination by Hanoi is punishable by jail sentence, or by kidnapping “sentence” and deportation to Vietnam by the secret police, such as the case of the alleged crime against “the Cambodia-Vietnam” friendship accused on Venerable Tim Sakhorn.

At the same time, after some 5 million Vietnamese people are counted in Cambodia between 1979 and 2003, the wild colonization of Cambodia by Vietnamese “immigrants” is being pursued unabated throughout Cambodia, thanks to the illegal agreements dated from the 80s, and thanks to the protection of Associations of Vietnamese people already established in Cambodia. Currently, Vietnamese people form the majority in Cambodia eastern provinces, such as Svay Rieng and Prey Veng, and with the so-called “common economic zones,” the Vietnamese in fact control the economy and the administration in these two provinces. Higher north, our provinces of Kampong Cham, Kratie, Mondulkiri, Ratanakiri and Stung Treng are again under the domination of Vietnamese troops, militias, workers and their families, again thanks to the “economic cooperation,” with huge land concessions – and national sovereignty – lasting 70 years of more, granted by the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) directly to the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV). Similar concessions were also granted in the provinces of Kampong Thom and Preah Vihear.

At the end, nobody talk or dare talk about the forced annexations by Hanoi of the Koh Tral and Krachak Ses Islands in 1982, as well as a large swath of Cambodia maritime territories. The so-called “historical waters and common waters between Vietnam and Cambodia” are totally under Vietnam’s law and boot. Furthermore, the Vietnamese forces arrogate itself the right to control the entire maritime space located in front of Cambodia’s costs in the province of Kampot: the weak vessels of Cambodian fishermen who are found there, risk being sunk by Vietnamese patrol boats, or they risk being arrested by the Vietnamese guns, and even last month, Cambodian fishermen from Kampot who were protesting the incursions of Vietnamese fishermen in Cambodian waters, were taken and severely beaten by the Vietnamese maritime police from Koh Tral island, before they were later released.

Therefore, the Vietnamization of Cambodia inexorably moves forward in great strides. Those among the Cambodians and foreigners who concluded and promised to respect scrupulously, the October 23, 1991 Paris Peace Agreements on Cambodia, in order to restore the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and inviolability of Cambodia against all external aggressions and interference – from Vietnam, in particular, which occupied Cambodia militarily – shamefully remain silent. Some even found “normal” this unremitting invasion of the “weak” Cambodia by the “powerful” Vietnam.

In reality, the Paris Agreements were not elaborated or adopted by the governments uniquely, but they were adopted for the Right and the Action of the citizens who can find in them their landmarks and their inseparable guaranties.

Cambodian citizens must continue to protest, they must support the legitimate protests by the victims, they must demonstrate against the Cambodian Government and its accomplices. Cambodian citizens must protest against the Superpower and Powerful governments which maintain the corruption and the dictatorship of Mr. Hun Sen and his CPP. Cambodian citizens must, at the very least, write to these governments, even personally, to alert them and to ask them to honor their engagements for a fair application of the Paris Agreements which they also signed. Cambodian citizens must tell these governments that their support to this regime must come to an end, if they sincerely want peace for Cambodia and the wellbeing for its citizens.

The Cambodian citizens must react, and they should not expect anything from those who betrayed them and abandoned them, if they want their Nation to still survive.

Paris, October 23, 2007
The Cambodia’s Border Committee
in France and Worldwide

(Singed) Dy Kareth,


Anonymous said...
I agree,it's got be a big issue,but the so-called Cambodia People's Party is obviously pocketing the benefits of this renewed "friendship". I noticed the presence and the influence of the Vietnamese during my visits to cambodia,but the Cambodians are sleeping,as they have done in the past... Mario
11:51 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Cambodia's Leader - Hun Sen is so corrupt along with the CPP which I have personally witnessed in the past 3 years; that tge situation for Kmer Nationals is hopeless - as they have been sold down the river by the Lexus driving powers that be who will not pass the anti- corruption laws because they are all up to their eyeballs involved with graft and massive corruption.
7:11 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I have always respect and believe Hun Sen and his elder son will lead Cambodia country into a big success, peace, and progressive in the future. Hun Sen has been doing a lot for Cambodian country. Not only that Hun Sen had save many Cambodia lives during Khmer rough time.
8:55 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
hun sen is one of the biggest gangster in SE asia, he's just the leader of the corrupted thugs with no end in sight. He think he can sovle problems by going to the north korea, but in facts his CPP are learning to supress the cambodia people so they can do what ever they've been doing at present. The massive corruption is his blood and his life line so he doesn't want to resovled it.
5:47 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Cambodians and Vietnamese should fight and make wars with each other. It would help make the world a better place. There are too many of you funny looking people in my country. BTW, how do you people tell each other apart? Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam would be much better if the French or another white country take over and rule you folks again. That's the only way you people will ever progress. Peace The White Man
2:03 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
A number of Youn-graduate each years is estimated about #30,000 a years,that in scientis,and engineering.come pair to us only #6,000 each year, how are we going to defeat them?they know how to deal with the French-in the past.and now they do the same with the American-and we don't.we must learn to deal with the American-like they do,if we don't we will lose for sure.
12:56 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I respectfully disagree with anonymous-"White Man"@ 12:03 AM. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or skin color, we all bleed the same color. No more wars. We should be working towards harmony and world peace.
1:51 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
What is going in Cambodia? It is Cambodia or Vietnam? I hear all vietnamese around in the city. they are taking jobs from Cambodians. Why allow them settle in our land that easy. Ohh, i know why because the Prime Minister himself is the pupet of Vietnam. So, wake up, people, fire him fire him !!!!!!
1:17 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sihaknuk used to fight with Vietnam and it puppet Hun Sen when they were along Thai border,but when they are closing together they seem to be have a good relationship ,probably he doesn't care because he care only the thrown for his and his son only,or sound like Lon Nol said was right? The king sold our land to Vietcong betray our nation and religious. sdach louk dei oiy yiekcong kbot cheat sasnaa
11:42 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Student: Good morning, Dr. Quest! Professor: Hi. Welcome back. Did you have a great visit in Cambodia? S: It was ok. I met many people, but I am not sure there are Khmers. P: What a disappointment! If you spent most of your time in the cities, chances are that you weren't meeting the people of Cambodia. S: There are 14 million Cambodians living in Cambodia... P: Not exactly. Have you ever heard of term "Vietnamization"? There are about 4.5 million Vietnamese living in Cambodia taking away land and jobs the Khmer people. S: I heard people speak Vietnamese just about every market place I went to. P: I am not sure Cambodia is Cambodia. S: What do you mean? P: Try google "Vietnamization of Cambodia". Have a great semester! S: Thanks. FAK FINDER
10:37 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
How dare Combodia fight with Vietnam . This is just like How dare Vietnam fight with China !
6:11 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
i am khmer. i just know that all agreement signed by cambodian vietnamese govt, we cambodia always lost something. now vietnamisation?????? are we gonna become vietnamese?????????
1:57 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
vietnam want to fullfill uncle Ho's dream of unifying the whole inchina
1:42 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
vietnam doing the same thing as they did in combodia, too. Hope not so many year from now these 3 country will be one and I do not need 3 visa but one. Cool ha! the left bank of mekong will be vietnam with the capitol as Hanoi.Vientiane will be change to Vietchang. Panomphenh to Phanvadong city. Cool ha
1:51 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I could not wait to see World War III.....?
8:02 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Albert Einsten: I dont't know what weapons World war 3 will be fought, but World war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.....tell your Vietnamese & Thai be prepare for good luck....
8:12 PM

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